With a segregated area for puppies, they can play and socialise with dogs their own size without being intimated by other larger dogs.


Weather permitting, your dog will get the opportunity to play on our sandy riverbank and cool-off by swimming in the river



During the day your dog will have plenty of opportunity to play in our secure play areas. With four acres of land, there’s plenty of room to explore .

Chill Zone

It’s not all go all the time. During the day dogs have the opportunity to chill in our lodges. Take a rest and watch the rest of the action going on at Pedigree pals. 

Maybe you dog would like a new change? Not everyone can take their dog to work with them, many have to stay at home whilst their human family is at work. This can lead to boredom and loneliness which in turn can lead to excessive barking and destructiveness. You should consider Pedigree-Pals day-care where your furry friend can come and meet lots of new pals in a secure, fun and structured environment.